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RootKHP is a Free Downloadable App For The Get Root Access in Android

What is RootKHP Tool

Rootkhp Download is the best and most popular free tool for android Nouget. Get thousands of access to root your android smart phone or tablet. Rootkhp is only supported for some devices so please check your device and find out if it will be available to root with Rootkhp tool in our tutorial section.

RootKhp v1.9 - Latest All Versions
rootkhp download

How to Use RootKHP Tool

1. Download RootKhp Program to your Computer.

2. Plug USB cable into your phone and connect with computer's USB port.

3. Enable USB Debugging Mode

4. Run RootKhp in your PC.

5. Click Orange Root button now after it displays root process has started.

6. After you can see this message in the tools (check image)

When you're done with the above instructions you have successfully rooted your android.

RootKHP 1.6 Free Download - All RootKhp Versions

RootKHP Latest Version v1.6
Download v1.6 RootKhp v1.5 Download v1.4 vDownload 1.3

How to root Android Nougat with RootKHP?

Official website release Rootkhp version 1.4 and it can root Android Nougat now. New tool are able to root some os on new smartphone models and tablets, please read under the tutorial sections to get instructions.

This is no different than the other latest versions, please read the last published tutorial and do it right way.

Features Rootkhp 1.4 Program

Included all supported devices on Android Nougat 7.0

Added newest released smart phones:

- Huawei p9 lite

- Meizu MX6

- Samsung Galaxy J MAX

- Xiaomi Mi Max

- Sharp Aquos 507SH

- Panasonic Eluga Note

All Releases of RootKHP

Rootkhp 1.6 versions come up with new features and it increases android devices and fixes all of the bugs and errors. Update Notes:

1. Fixed all bugs with Nexus 6, LG G2, Hisense C1

2. Fixed bug restart windows vista

3. Add more devices and smart phone BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry DTEK50, Huawei G9 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, Xiaomi Mi5 and other

RootKhp Tool Supported Devices

This tool is only supported for rooting android versions. Are you on an android version and it is having trouble to continue rooting also, latest release Android N is available. Root KHP program will give root access instant with simple clicks. Click Here to Check Supported Devices List.

RootKHP Program Supported Operating System

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2012 R2
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows Vista

  • Developer Credits

    This program owner is we only share the tools to root anyone's android device. All developer license goes to original developer.

    History of the Rootkhp Program – Free Download RootKhp Program

    V 1.6

    V 1.5

  • Fix minor bugs in the Rootkhp
  • V 1.4

  • Fix minor bugs in the Rootkhp tool, updating database of supported devices list
  • V 1.3

  • Supplemented list of devices
  • Updated database devices.
  • Added new models of mobile devices, bugs fixed
  • Updated design program
  • Added new devices, Windows Vista support
  • Optmizirovana speed of the program
  • Check for root
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed bugs with the Micromax smartphones and tablets
  • Compatibility with Android 4.4.2
  • Support for new devices from Sony
  • Fixed problems with Micromax bolt A36
  • Added new Samsung devices
  • Support for Android 5.1
  • Reduced weight of the executable file
  • The first version of the program

  • Bit More Info About RootKHP Application

    This is the one and only Android nougat root application on the internet. Have few other popular apps for root nougat but those are cannot have features like the rootkhp. If your mobile phone or devices run with Android nougat and do you want to root this so use this app and do this rooting easy in few minutes. This android app special develop for the root android nougat so it completable with all new release Android devices like Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire, LG plus, Sony Experia, Vivo Plus, Oppo one plus and more. Get download app in above links and install your device to root nougat now. When you try to download this app in google chrome you will get notify it to include some viruses or harmful files. Do not worry about this zip file not include any bad files google chrome will show this because the needs to avoid using this app in android nougat users. So don't hesitate to download this app with on bad notification it only notification and not more.

    Android 7.0 Nougat Features

    Google release this mobile operating system with the bulk of features with related to new technology and generations. It included few new themes, wallpapers, home screens, lock screens and more visual settings. Google also, included Google Assistant so you can easily find or do with using this system it is very easy to use and you only nee to say what you need to do then Google Assistant will do this activity done. New versions have better web browsing experience like updated Chrome browser is included. Customizable icons, developer previews, long battery life, easy notification system, fast startup, speed app load and running, boost speeds and more. If you need to review more details about this Android versions please check this article and continue to reading. This web page does not need to discuss more nougat so click above link and reading all reviews and information. Nougat is the fast and popular Android versions google nexus powered but this Os and it works nicely. Lot people thing nougat is only can be seen in google nexus this is wrong nougat also powered by new release Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus. Go out with above link and check more details.

    Which Feature will Unlock After Using RootKHP

    Rootkhp is powerfull android nougat root app it will root nougat in few seconds 100% done. When you use this app and root your nougat it will unlock some major default features and customization settings. Change and customise developer preview, Save battery, speed phone startup. boost apps and setting changes, and more. Lot people thinks when to root their phone it will able to do anything it's wrong root device will not able to change everything only can change or customise some major and important features like I mention above. Example: Do you want to install blocked app to your Android but not able without root then you can install any block ok banned app after root because when you root it will fix all app installation setting in your devices or mobile phone. So keep mind and do what you extract need after root if not your device will be damaged. So let's keep good work and activities to keep your phone long lifetime and save your important files and data. If you do not do rooting correctly it like your phone will be damaged of course so keep quality work with good knowledge. It does not mean root is hard work you only need to know how to do this right. Check above video and descriptions to get clear.

    RootKhp Real Developers

    This tool is built and share with this website rootkhp-pro but it no mention any names or license code to know clearly who is the real owner but above website owner is the man who makes this amazing app. They updated this tool on time and share with the original website and give some important updates, change logs and more info with once release a new update. You can check this website and get clear enough details with they work. I will only share this tool with my website and I have not license with developing. If you like to donate some funds for original developer please go they website and do this donate I not need anything because I am only shared this tool original developers are online on they website. Finally, I have really thanked full for the making this amazing tool.

    Who Can Share and Post This App in AnyWhere

    Anyone can share or post Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, twitter or youtube without any permission because original owner does not mention any copyright details with they original website. Do you want to make a website with this tool like as my website so let's start work and share this tool but give credits to original developer? Some time the rootkhp marked with spam tool with windows but it is not dangerous software this is an awesome small tool to root android nougat.

    RootKhp Supported Devices List

    First, do you want Windows computer to install this tool before making ROM for your Android phone? When you install this tool on Windows you can connect your phone and start rooting. Please check above video and tutorial to how to do this task correctly. Here is the device list you can root with Android nougat: google nexus, Samsung Galaxy s8, s7 plus, etc, Sony, LG, video, oppo, Do not worry your device not have with above content you can try with your device and root it. When you do this please send me to notify with what is this model and from the name. So other users can be seen this and root. I will give all tips and tricks to how to do this nice and root correctly. You can keep this work up and get good quality works with android root. I will share new tips and new release tools when I got. You can follow my facebook page and get a notification with new releases. Need to let you again download files not include any viruses it only some blocked option in Google because they need to avoid using this app in nougat users. I hope you understand this message and continue your root tasks. When you need some help please send a message in facebook page I will respond as soon as I can.

    RootKhp Free Download

    Check above download link and click on this to download your copy of this tool. This is an original tool and not a spam one you can use this without any awareness. Rootkhp is an amazing tool in a run on Windows to root android nougat. Rootkhp is the only tool that can be root android nougat easy and fast without any problem. A number of users know about this tool and they review this tool with the 5-star rating so do not hesitate to use this tool on your computer or laptop. If you have time to share this web page in your social media please do this to get support for your friends and other peoples.

    About Us

    We are web based mobile app developer and release we share any kind of root apps, games and any other app who want use right ways. We especially share root apps because lot peoples do not know how to root or what happned after rooting so we clear they own mind and give the tutorial to do this activity easily. If you have any trouble with using this tool or in install please send me the message to get the answer. Thank you for the review my website and Download Rootkhp

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